L'Originale par Lilistone

L'Originale est notre bijou le plus personnalisable.

Créez la vôtre : couleur de l'anneau, motif, avec ou sans pavage diamant.

Simplicité et originalité, modernité et élégance comme vous l'entendez.

Get inspired best sales of the collection the Original by Lilistone rings in order to directly enter the universe of our brand. Choose a starting template and then customize the in order to get the ring on the move that best suits your preferences.

You'll see live instantly on your screen. Your gold jewelry and diamonds Lilistone will be then made in France, in our workshops in Lyon. Craftsmen highly skilled Jewelers will carefully shape the ring that you yourself created and which will come to life a few days later on your hand. Lilistone is the only jeweler creator to offer such possibilities of customization directly online.