The house The art of making of the unique!

Lilistone makes you discover their house

The creators of the Lilistone House invented for the woman of today, a new concept in jewellery, that of the ring in motion®. The collection The original is the first created by this innovative jeweller, soon followed by black diamond and the essential collections, then limited series, gold 18 karat gold and diamond pieces.

Lilistone offers you to customize your jewelry, while maintaining the characteristic elements of the brand, making a jewel Lilistone is like no other. Discover our collections, but also our news through the pages of our magazine.

Two daring creators unite their inspirations, then gushes a jewel that is instantly in motion to provide an exclusive model for each hand.
Friends of twenty-five years, the two founders of Lilistone have traveled the world, one of the jewelry, looking for the finest gems, and other finance, before ending up around a common desire to create.

The adventure begins, driven by the same passion and the same ambition: imagine for today's woman of the jewels that are similar but are unlike any other.


In a creative whirlwind,. Lilistone invents, Lilistone innovates, and Lilistone offers the world of jewelry and the woman of today an original concept and a unique jewel, the ring on the move.

More than a choice, it's a no-brainer: Lilistone offers exclusive jewelry of 100% made in Francemade in the rules of the art of jewellery by highly skilled artisans.
This process ensures know-how recognized around the worldbut also the preservation of jobs in France and a carbon limited.The proximity is still one of the bases on which we rely to offer you unique pieces and tailor-made.

Beyond the quality of our products, we rely on citizen values to offer you the best.

Our workshops are located in the heart of the Croix-Rousse in Lyon, there even where the Canuts wove the reputation of the city in the work of silk. The tradition of excellence continues. Here, each of our creations are hand-shapedwith the expertise, the extreme attention to detail and the passion of our craftsmen.

Today, fifteen people contribute to the development of the Lilistone House and give you the opportunity to adorn you with valuable and custom jewelry.

Every woman deserves the most valuable. All Lilistone jewelry is made in 18 carat gold (gold 750 thousandths), white, yellow or pink, as evidenced by their punch 'Eagle head '.

They are set to quality diamonds, classified G, or extra white for their color, and carrying the top grade of purity VS2 ("very small inclusions").

Responsible for jewelers, creators of Lilistone don't deal on ethics. In accordance with the decisions of the United Nations, diamonds come from legitimate sources not involved in conflicts.

Delivered in a stylish setting, each piece is naturally accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

So that it retains all its brightness, we recommend that you clean your jewelry with a soft cloth and do not put in contact with chemicals.