The founders of Lilistone are committed to offer the best products, ensuring at all times the ethics of the company and its partners.

French know-how

Lilistone is a French company. Each piece follows the same circuit of preparation in our workshops located in the heart of the Croix-Rousse, Lyon. The tradition of excellence continues. Each of our creations is shaped by hand, with the expertise and passion of our craftsmen jewellers.

Quality of products

Lilistone make that jewelry in 18 k gold (750 thousandths). All jewelry Lilistone therefore have a punch in the shape of head of an eagle which is the guarantee of the gold content ("title" in the jargon) a jewel designed in the french territory. 

Lilistone selects the most beautiful diamonds permanently. They all * category G for their "color". This means that they are "extra white.  
Similarly, all diamonds * proposed have the level of purity VS2 (Very Small Inclusions-2)-. This high grade of purity guaranteed that no inclusion is visible to the naked eye. 

 In practice they say that diamonds offered by Lilistone are quality G - VS2, making very high quality diamonds.

Black diamonds have no classification for their color (because they are black!) or for their clarity (potential inclusions are by definition invisible).

Security and traceability

Lilistone chosen suppliers of raw materials (gold, diamonds...) in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations. Lilistone pays attention to what all the diamonds from legitimate sources and countries that are not in conflict. This is based on our personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by our suppliers.

All banking transactions on the site are completely secureare.

The satisfaction of our customers

The satisfaction of our customer (s) is at the heart of our action on a daily basis.

We have thus implemented a set of visible procedures (the free return, the free deliveryonline help - Chat...) or internal (quality control, purchasing policies, ethics Charter,...) in order to allow our clients select our designing with confidence.

We support

Lilistone is also committed to financially support the blue childhood association. This association helps children victims of abuse (physical, psychological or sexual) so that they can rebuild and claim a more peaceful future.