The creators of Lilistone wanted to offer a unique ring that can match to each woman.

And it is by observing the women they imagined the movement ring. All creations Lilistone behave this way a moving part that adds to their charm and gives them life on hand. 

The original is the iconic model of the brand, which oscillates between simplicity and originality, modernity and elegance.



Your ring is like you, unique. Customize your Original at your leisure.

Start by the ring and choose from our three models, yellow gold, white gold or 18 k rose gold.

Each ring is set with 6 "extra-white" quality diamonds, arranged on the right flank of the ring..


Every woman deserves there is more valuable, that's why the original is hand made in our workshops of the Croix Rousse (Lyon) in shaping the 18 carat gold (gold 750 thousandths), white, yellow or pink. Each ring of the original collection is so unique.

Our craftsmen jewellers her beautiful quality diamonds, G, or extra white, for their color, and carrying the top grade of purity VS2 ("very small inclusions"). Responsible for jewelers, creators of Lilistone trade not on ethics. In accordance with the decisions of the United Nations, diamonds come from legitimate sources not involved in conflicts.  

The emotion arises as soon as the unique and precious jewel is about to appear in its elegant box. Your creation is shipped with great care in its wooden sheathed Lilistone and comes with a certificate of authenticity. So that it retains its splendour and brilliance, we offer you a soft cloth which will allow you to maintain it with tenderness.

The Original by Lilistone collection offers the opportunity to each woman to imagine the ring moving she dreams. Inception takes form under her eyes, on her computer screen, she chooses a yellow, pink or white 18-karat gold ring with its right side seam of six extra Diamond White, a mobile heart, round, square, or Stirrup-shaped pattern , and paving in diamonds, or not, of this same ground.

Represented instantly on the site by his photograph, the gold ring and diamonds Lilistone of your choice will then be manufactured in France, in our workshops in Lyon. Highly skilled jewellery craftsmen carefully shape the ring that you yourself created and who will make life less than eight days later on your hand. Lilistone is the only brand of jewellery to offer such possibilities of customization directly online.