JewelryDiscover the Lilistone universe

Lilistone is an original concept and exceptional jewellery trimmed to a movement pattern.
Discover our creations: rings the original and the essential, Bracelet ring, loops of ears, Couture necklace and Bracelet chain to customize according to your wishes.

Assuming the ring moving creators Jewelers of the home Lilistone have created a unique jewelry piece, whose quality is guaranteed by its materials, gold and diamond, and its manufacturing process 100% french. After the original, innovation and modernity have inspired the birth of collections, Black Diamond and The essential also characterized by the possibilities of personalization of rings.

Lilistone also offers its limited series and numbered, valuable variations of an innovative concept, in the form of rings, and earrings to bracelets and ear. Them Accessories stand by their modernity and their sleek and Oh how elegant. Check out the jewelry of exceptional quality of the House Lilistone.